Monday, October 12, 2015

Problem solving, Mirror Words, and Brainies

We are nearly 6 weeks into the school year!  Hopefully you are feeling more confident using the classroom rules, class yes and scoreboard.  Be sure you keep practicing those rules EVERYDAY! 

 When you have a few kids consistently breaking a rule you need to spend extra time practicing the wrong way right way as a class.  Use your leaders to model wrong way right way then have your class do it.

If you are not using Super Improver yet, you may want to consider it as a way to increase better behavior.  You can use one of the rules as your goal for improvement.  

If you are only using a few WBT strategies, use your judgement for consequences for inappropriate behavior.  I have some students who BIG TIME break rules so they may need to be removed from the group, have a longer "time out" during playtime / recess, etc.

I will be blogging more about the Super Improver next week.

I LOVE Mirror Words.  I am not sure if anything works better for keeping my students engaged and out of trouble during any whole class or small group activity.    

Don't let the idea that you must use "the right" gestures keep you from trying mirror words.  You can use casual gestures which are literally made up.  Just go with what makes sense to you.  Ask the kids to help you if this is way out of your comfort zone.  Mirror words can be used in any lesson, project, or just teaching students a routine.  Right now my students are working on geometric shapes and the concepts of lines, corners, faces, etc.   Using gestures to describe these shapes has made all the difference in their retention.  

Think of gestures to go with vocabulary words that are new to your students.  

The Brainy game and gestures have completely transformed my students understanding of grammar, and has greatly increased their oral and written language skills.  Their ability to use the critical thinking aspects of the brainy game with BLOW your mind.  
PLEASE take a few minutes to watch Farrah Shipley's 1st grade students using the brainies to create an oral paragraph.  IF you teach upper el, I guarantee this will BLOW YOUR MIND!

I highly recommend that you download and print WBT Brainy Game and  Brainy Posters

 Brainy Game                                   Brainy Posters

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