Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Countdown to the first day!

Hi Everyone,
The first day of school is just under two weeks away, and I am still waiting to get in my classroom and set it up!  I will be making a classroom tour video once it is set up so stay tuned!

 Some of you already attended a session at the ISD, and others are starting next week during our PD time.  Many of you have started reading the book which is great!

I have had quite a few teachers ask, "WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW?"  Here are my suggestions:

Read the first chapters of 122 Amazing Games paying close attention to the CORE 4:  Class Yes, Mirror Words, Teach OK and Scoreboard.  I also would encourage you to read the section on the class rules.

You can print  Class rules posters from the WBT website, make your own,  or find free posters on TPT.  Search WBT Class Rules and you will find countless themed rule pictures.   I just made my own using digital clip art.

Think about the scoreboard and where you want to keep it.  I like to keep mine on my easel because I am near it all the time.  I have found I use my scoreboard consistently is directly relate to its proximity to my teaching area.  You may want to use a portable scoreboard on a lanyard if you move around throughout your room all day or often travel with your class.

I highly recommend watching the following videos to help you get started.

2015 Core 4 Starter Video

I look forward to seeing many of you next week at the two PD meetings!