Monday, July 20, 2015


I am beyond excited to share Whole Brain Teaching with you!

Four years ago I was teaching two sections of Kindergarten and about to lose my mind when I stumbled across Andrea Shindler's WBT youtube video.  It rocked my world!  In the past 25 years I have taught preschool through 6th grade special education and 5 years of Kindergarten.  I can honestly say that using Whole Brain Teaching's techniques and strategies has literally changed my life.  I absolutely love teaching again.

Why do I love it?
*  My students are ENGAGED!  WBT is all about efficiency and keeping kids engaged.  As Coach B. says,  "Don't STOP  the Train!"   Using the classroom management techniques has drastically cut down on behavior issues because the kids are so busy they don't have time to misbehave!

*SO MANY STRATEGIES:  As the year continues, there are more strategies and levels to implement to keep your students engaged.  We all know that what was fabulous in September is old and boring by Decemeber for the kids and US!

*ACADEMIC PROGRESS:  Using the lesson design format and the writing strategies, I watched my students make greater academic gains than I ever could have imagined.  Most of my students exceeded the grade level expectations by more than half a grade!  My students are actively engaged in their learning and using critical thinking skills.

* FUN!!  I am having fun!  The kids are having fun!  Yes we are working our tails off, but we are having fun doing it!

*It is EASY and FREE!  This is not a curriculum!  You can take it step by step as you and your students are ready.  With the exception of the two books, everything is free.  There are tons of free ebooks on the website as well as free printables on TPT.

*It is great for ALL ages!  Across the country, teachers are successfully using Whole Brain Teaching in grades K-12!  Currently in our district there are a number of teachers K-6 who are having great success using the WBT strategies.  I hope to be sharing this with 7-12th grade teachers in the near future!   My own kids (18 and 21) wish they had teachers using these strategies.

This year as a WBT site leader, I will be here to encourage you and point you in the right direction using the countless resources WBT offers. I will also be guiding us through book studies this year which may be used for District Provided Prof Dev. hours.   There are several other teachers in the district who will also be available to answer questions and give you guidance.

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