Friday, November 6, 2015

Are we having FUN????

It is hard to believe we are a quarter of the way into the school year!  Now is a great time to step back and evaluate how the WBT strategies are working for you and your class!  Here are some questions to ask yourself and your students!

1.  Are we having FUN??  Yes, you should be having fun teaching and your kids should be having fun!  The use of class yes, mirror words, scoreboard, and teach okay are designed to bring FUN to your teaching and the students' learning.  Remember to add variety to your voice or words to keep things interesting.   If you are barking CLASS CLASS all the time chances are, NO ONE is having FUN!

2.  Are students ENGAGED?  At this point you should have buy in from MOST of your students.  Of course some days you need to use scoreboard to "practice" engagement because the kids are zoned out, but overall the kids should be excited to engage in lessons. 

3. Are you gaining confidence?  As you practice using WBT strategies they will become easier and more automatic.  You should begin to see how you can use WBT in all areas of your teaching.  I was more comfortable using WBT in my Science and Math before I was ELA, hang in there it will come!

4.  Are you ready to add something else?  Maybe you are sticking to Class Yes and Scoreboard, now would be a great time to do more with mirror words.   Using Power pix and Brainies to give structure to your gestures is a great next step if you are using mirror words.  
5.  What is not working?  I would love to help you if there are things that are not working for you.  Please email me or call me if you have any questions or need some guidance.  

Remember the online book study is available all school year and we will have PD and learning labs available starting in January.